E   V   O   L   V   E

              How    does    your    brand    sound

                                                                                Define            Connect          Resonate         Amplify            

  • C o m m u n i c a t i o n    S p i n                        B e y o n d   S o u n d 
  • T e x t u r e              E n e r g y                P u l s e               E m o t i o n

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Radio     TV     Web      Post-Scores      Sound Design      Live Events

Audio branding is about the creation of an entire sonic language for the brand based on its essence, values, goals, and market personality.   

Studio Recording

State of the art studio recording equipment and software.

The Event Horizon

Original sonic branding.  Sound signatures, stingers, audio logos and complete set scoring for live events from theatre to stadia

Session Artistes

We work with a distributed network of session musicians and artistes to create compelling productions.

Signature Ambience

Our sister company specializes in creating ambient music and long format sound for installations, art galleries and corporate spaces.

C L I E N T S      &      P R O J E C T S